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Been Asked To Sign A Card Lately?
What is a Union Authorization Card? It’s a legally binding document which the union can use to assert that they represent you without a vote!

Quote from “Labor Guide to Labor Law”:
"The Board rejects the approach of reading an employee’s mind. The express wording of the card controls. The employee’s subjective understanding, or even misunderstanding of what the card means, or what the card could be used for, does not matter."

Signing a card is...

  • The first step in pledging your allegiance to the SEIU and their Constitution and By-Laws and is considered to be an application for membership in the union.
  • An invitation for the SEIU organizers to call and visit you at home.
  • A show of support to the union which encourages more aggressive organizing efforts by them and only prolongs the attempt to divide us internally.
  • Like a power of attorney
  • Can be used to petition the NLRB for an election
  • In certain circumstances, can be used by the union to get into the Hospital without an election or even if the union loses the election.


Know Your Rights - Don’t Sign Them Away!

BEWARE! The SEIU is on the prowl again looking for unsuspecting employees to prey upon. DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING!! Unless you know for certain what it is. The union organizers will try to trick you into signing a card, making you think it is for more information. In reality, it is a vote for the union.

Now, President Obama through the NLRB has given SEIU (and other unions) the ablility to represent employees just from signature cards from the workforce -  WITHOUT A VOTE!! That's right! We could find ourselves represented by a union that we never asked for - and never had the opportunity to vote NO against.

Be diligent! Be aware!! Let's sent the SEIU packing like we did the first time they came knocking on our door.
Collective Bargaining Quiz
Take the quiz and check out the facts about collective bargaining before you send part of your paycheck to the SEIU.

Union Security – What Is It?
Union Security Clauses are the life blood of unions and they work hard to negotiate them into contracts. It’s the part of the contract that requires members of the bargaining unit to pay dues.

Here’s what the law says - “The Act permits…a union and an employer to make an agreement called a union-security agreement, which requires employees to make certain payments to the union in order to retain their jobs….” (Basic Guide to The National Labor Relations Act, Pg. 2, Union Security)

What does all of this mean to you? - Quite simply, it means if the union is voted in, and they succeed in getting a security clause, you will have to pay dues just to keep your job. Often, union security clauses in contracts will also provide a way for the union to have you fired if you fall too far behind in your dues payments.

Is it worth it? Only you can make that decision. You must also think about what the union might trade away in negotiations in order to get what it needs – your hard earned money. Management would bargain in good faith but can’t be forced to agree to anything that the union proposes. To get what it needs, the union might trade away things that are important to you.

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