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There are many myths and rumors about collective bargaining. Take this quiz and CHECK how much you really know about negotiations before you sign an authorization card allowing the union to represent you at work.

  Questions True False
1. If the Union somehow wins the election, it only wins the right to negotiate with CVHP over your wages, benefits and other working conditions.
2. If the Union makes a proposal during negotiations, CVHP has to accept the proposal as long as the Unionís proposal does not cause the Hospital financial hardship.
3. Current wages and benefits are not guaranteed in negotiations. Everything you have now is put on the table and is at risk.
4. As a result of negotiations, you could gain, you could lose, or things could stay exactly the same.
5. If the Union wants a union security agreement and dues check-off clauses, they may trade away your existing wages and benefits to get them.
6. Negotiations never last more than six months.
7. Employees must follow an agreement negotiated by the Union and CVHP, even if it contains terms they donít like.
8. If the Union pushers donít deliver on their promises, employees can sue the union because union promises are enforceable.

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